Wednesday, May 11, 2011

smiles and dancing in the delighful darkness

music videos dont do much for me, but i fucking love this one

is it dark? you bet your hellbound arse it is.

is it depressing? not to me. i guarantee many people would think so though.

a grim-looking 'country-horror' band singing of death and hell to a miserable, all-but-lifeless congregation of 'zombies' in a beautifully sunlit, adorable little chapel. its already a fucking bundle of visual contradictions, and then enter an innocent young girl, blonde and sweet, in a white dress dancing and smiling the way through, despite some fruitless attempts to 'wake the dead'.

(i'll say here, i've recently fallen in love with this local - Melbourne-based - band, who's song 'all will be gone' - with its delightfully persistent reminder of everyones mortality is a personal favourite just cos its so damn fun!)

darkness isnt hard to find in life - some of us are more familiar than others - and avoidance of seemingly unsettling facts is futile. you are going to die. shit things will happen to you. its all basic nessecity of life - indeed a good life. it imposes perspective and value.

this clip - truth and beauty and love and life. all light and dark. smiles of an innocent girl in a white dress, dancing joyously to a country horror band in a warmly sunlit white church amongst a zombie-like congregation. it sums up for me the argument about whether dark music is depressing.

fight fear off and itll hold you tighter. accept it and understand it, and you'll feel like dancing. allow yourself to explore darkness, confront fears, open your mind, accept truth and the shadows have nothing on you. happiness penetrates.

or dodge it, narrow your mind to the light and fluffy, listen to Justin Bieber and enjoy a superficial existance (over the top, sure). so much beauty comes from those shadows though.

dark music isn't necessarily depressing. if i relate to it, it helps me accept, express and manage my emotions rather than suppressing them or dwelling on whats going on. it soothes and/or energises my soul. if i dont relate to it, thats cool, someone else no doubt does.

for those of us who enjoy music as art, not just entertainment, some of the best, most timeless, has a dark edge to it, and has something to say about true life.

life is often fucked up. just accept it. experience it. explore it and learn from it. get perspective on it. you know what - greater happiness and enlightenment will probably be the result. i dont know if music taught me this, but it helped me realise.

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